What Government Have You Deserved Today? « Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2010

               I am constantly reminded of the quote by French philosopher, and early contributor to European conservatism, Joseph Marie de Maistre when he stated that “Every country has the government it deserves.”  Certainly while de Maistre’s context and philosophy behind the original intent of the quotation might vary some from our current situation, I am no less struck by its applicability and simplicity in framing the issues with which we deal today.  Through this perspective, it is quickly revealed that the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate could not possibly come to power on issues, stances, and political philosophy.  In no way have they ever truly resonated with the heart of America.  No, when history needed us in the conservative movement to embrace our identity, to separate ourselves from muddled ideologies for the good of the American people, and to brighten the Bold Colors of President Reagan – we slept.  Moreover, we retreated back into pale pastels and the American people were catapulted into a culture of confusion and away from the principles that make this country the preeminent force in the world (as a concession, it is “change” by definition).  Our existence is the one that history has proven, the one upon which history continues to shine so brightly and one that has stood the test of time.  Our existence is based upon true free market principles, centered on freedom, and grounded in the thorough understanding and embrace of life and personal liberty.   In these we find our answers, for they really are endowed upon us by something much greater than anything one could ever pass through Capitol Hill.  And yet, they require Bold Colors to light the way for this country.  And because we have these solutions, because we believe so strongly in the existence of this party and this country, we have a profound responsibility – one established in the beginning by Lincoln and refreshed for us by Reagan – that requires a firm stance in doing right, in stepping out there, in being bold.  In other words, in deserving a government that is right and just for this country.

                We will see these Bold Colors emboldened and emblazoned in the SRLC next year in New Orleans.  There is already an intense interest and excitement in the upcoming SRLC, thus far, and it is going to be highlighted by the bold and dynamic values and individuals that make our party what it is.  Most importantly, this edition of the SRLC will be serving as the collective voice for the current “re-enlightenment” of the Republican Party and will be the catalyst sending us off into the next presidential cycle, the 2010 mid-term elections, and back to deserving a government built upon American core values.

Posted by: Lawrence K. Marshall | 18/11/09 | 3:43 pm

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